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Hannah Montana Songs

Want to sing a along with Hannah Montana? Here is an article I wrote highlighting sites on the web where you can find the words to Hannah Montana songs!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Free Hannah Montana Coloring Pages

Hannah Montana coloring pages
Coloring is an easy way for kids to express their creativity. Hannah Montana is all the rage right now and I found it very difficult to locate Hannah Montana coloring pages. I am also fortunate to own a program that helps me to make coloring pages so I decided to make free printable Hannah Montana coloring pages.
Hannah Montana is also known as Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus became a huge success when she was cast in the show, Hannah Montana. Not long after the shows success, a CD was released with songs that Hannah Montana sang in the show; this put Miley Cyrus in the Forbes Top twenty earners under 25 with an annual earning of $3.5 million.
Hannah Montana is an excellent role model for our kids today and it is important to present kids with opportunities to connect with these positive role models, these Hannah Montana coloring pages could be a means to that connection.Hannah Montana coloring pages can be found at my website, there is a Hannah Montana coloring pages link on the home page at the top.
The Hannah Montana coloring pages icons are listed on one page; however I am also going to list the links to each page seperately in this guide.
Hannah Montana coloring pages can be linked from the home page.
Adorable Hannah Montana singing her heart out.
Cute Hannah Montana in an action pose.
Hannah Montana is always smiling.
Side pose of Hannah Montana smiling.
Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana is a positive role model.